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What If?

A few years ago I was walking from my bus stop to work.As I approached a street where the traffic travelled one way to the north, the “Don’t Walk” signal began flashing.I heard sirens approaching as I stopped at the corner.As I stood there, I saw a car speeding on the intersecting street with a police car in pursuit.The car turned south onto the street I was preparing to cross.It was a “What If?” moment.What if my bus had been just a couple of seconds earlier or I had walked a little faster or I hadn’t stopped to let someone exit the bus before me?I would have arrived at the corner before the “Don’t Walk” signal started flashing and likely been in the middle of that street at exactly the time that car made the wrong-way turn to elude the police. Our lives are filled with these What If moments.However, we are also the result of What If moments in our ancestors’ lives.It is awesome to contemplate how events in our ancestors’ lives, some seemingly insignificant, resulted in our very exist…

Santford and Sarah Ogden

I'm getting lazy.  I will be taking the easy way out this week and instead of writing my own post, I will let the September 7, 1905 News Democrat do the writing for me. 

To provide a little background (well, maybe I'm not so lazy after all), Santford Ogden was born March 19, 1836 in Clark Township, Brown County, Ohio, the son of Alfred and Hannah Harriet Leonard Ogden.  Sarah Steward was born February 17, 1838 to Francis and Catherine Price Steward.  Santford and Sarah were married in Brown County and had at least ten childen, including my great-grandmother, Rosa Ogden Davis.  The article that follows describes their golden wedding anniversary celebration.

The golden wedding of Sanford Ogden and wife of this place was celebrated on Saturday August 26, 1905, with a large dinner and family reunion, their nine living children all being present for the first time in ten years. About the noon hour the ladies began to bring out the baskets and boxes and the men began to prepare a t…

Charles Henry Dudley - A Life in Pictures

A few years ago I was looking through a collection of family photographs and mementos.I was struck by the number of photos of my grand-uncle, Charles Henry Dudley and his family.

Uncle Charlie was the eldest son of Jesse and Mary Shaper Dudley and brother of my grandmother Mary Dudley Donaldson.He was born October 18, 1878 in Clark Township, Clinton County, Ohio.Below is the earliest photo I have of Charlie.   
Charlie grew up in Clark Township with his brothers Lew, Frank, Ab, Tom, and Clarence.By the time my grandma was born in 1898, Charlie was already a young man.Just a little over a year later, Charlie married the pretty Anna Dora Meyer and they made their home in Clark Township near his aunt Marietta Dudley Himes and her family.Charlie worked as a day laborer.

On August 14, 1900, Anna gave birth to the couple’s first child, Walter Sherman Dudley.Sadly, the child died on September 17, 1900.After Walter’s death, Charlie and Anna had three more sons.James Logan was bor…