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My Mom's Oral History

Wow, it has been a long time since I published a blog article.  Although my genealogical research continues, I just haven't had the patience and focus needed to compose an article.  Today, however, I had an experience that I just have to share.  I recorded my mom's oral history.

Recently, my cousin Sue's son, Josh, posted a teaser for a video biography he is working on for his mother's family.  He interviewed his mom and her sisters and brothers about their family.  I was so impressed that I thought it was time I recorded my mom's history, which I have thought about doing for several years.

Several years ago, I gave my mom a book with a list of questions about her life with space for her to write her responses.  My mom is a wonderful writer, but she never even started it.  My maternal grandmother and dad both started writing their life stories and although these writings are certainly treasures, they only scratch the surface of their life experiences.

When I asked …