A River View

My blog posts have been few and far between recently because I have been preparing for my trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in a few weeks.  However, each week as I travel on the bridge over the Little Miami River in Milford, Ohio, I get to view my favorite genealogical scene and feel like waxing poetic about it.

As I look north as we cross the bridge I see the river surrounded by thick shrubbery and trees.  If I can block out the cell tower, utility poles, cars, and modern buildings, I can envision how the area might have looked 200 years ago.    I especially like this view in the winter when steam or smoke is rising from distant houses. I can almost smell the 19th century wood smoke coming from the homes of my ancestors, the Price family, and their neighbors.  My fourth great-grandfather, Jeremiah Price, lived on the Milford side of the river and his brother, Nimrod, lived on the Camp Dennison side of the river.  Their father, Daniel, supposedly said something to the effect that the boys needed to be kept on opposite sides of the river because Nimrod was a Universalist and Jeremiah a Methodist.

That's it.  I just enjoy the view and like to imagine what it might have been like way back when.  Hopefully I will return from Salt Lake City with lots of new information and ideas for this blog.


  1. Did your fourth great-grandfather (Jeremiah Price) happen to live on Center Street, Milford, Ohio?

  2. I'm not sure where he lived in Milford. Do you have any information to share?

  3. thank you for the pitchure and info my great grandfather was hite and grandfather was john h ballein


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