Reconnecting with the Donaldson Family

My mom never knew her Donaldson aunts and uncles. Her dad, Eddie Earl Donaldson, the son of David Scott Donaldson and Mary Cordelia Lamb, moved from Oklahoma to the Cincinnati, Ohio area as a teenager in around 1915. My mom, who was seven when her dad died, never had the opportunity to know or visit her dad's brothers and sisters. So, it is always exciting to meet (at least online) our distant Donaldson cousins.

Charles Lamoine Donaldson
It seems that there is at least one person in every Donaldson aunt's or uncle's family who is interested in the family history. To date, I have made contact with descendants of Arthur Ray Donaldson (1888 - 1951), Harry Alva Donaldson (1891 - 1961), Lelah Donaldson Hensley Bowen (1893 - 1957), Violet Pearl Donaldson Hensley, and William Everett Donaldson (1903 - 1975). Thus far, I haven't made contact with descendants of Charles Lamoine Donaldson (1886 - 1948), James Donaldson (about 1899 - unknown), or Katie Donaldson Willie (1906 - 1983).

Most recently, I have been trying to compile information on Charles Lamoine Donaldson and his son, Paul Fain Donaldson. I have a letter that Paul Fain Donaldson's grandson wrote to one of my cousins several years ago. The grandson's name is David, but this is all I know about him.

So, consider this my plea for information on the children of David and Mary Donaldson of Indiana, then Missouri, then Oklahoma. I want to share information with you, hear your stories, and see your photographs!


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