My Orphan Photos

Well, I still haven't found that spark that will again make my family history research an obsession again.  I keep trying to find that one record that will open the door to new avenues of research.  It will come - it always does - but right now I'm still in a rut.

This morning I was searching for some good cooking blogs to follow.  In the process, I came across a couple of blogs about "orphan photos" - old pictures the bloggers have found or purchased and for which they have no information.  This inspired me to post some of my orphan photographs.

I found these photos in a chest containing photos and documents that belonged to my maternal grandmother, Mary Jane Dudley Donaldson (1898 - 1976).  I believe that many of the items in the chest were passed down to her from her mother, Mary Elizabeth Shaper Dudley (1861 - 1947).  I believe that most, if not all, of the photos are family and friends of the Dudley and Shaper families of Clinton and Highland Counties in Ohio.  However, it is possible that some of the photos were from the family of my maternal grandfather, Eddie Earl Donaldson (1897 - 1943).  His family lived in Huntington and Wabash Counties in Indiana and Clark and Rogers Counties in Oklahoma.

If you have any ideas about the people, locations, and dates of these photos, please leave a comment.

This photo appears to have been taken in my grandmother's hometown of Lynch burg , Ohio.  However, I don't know who the man is.

Here's a handsome man.  At first, I thought he looked like a Donaldson, but
I  kind of wonder if this is my grand-uncle, Thomas Dudley.

I suspect that someone who knows how to date photos might  be able to tell me what era this is from.  I have a book on dating photos, but I don't think I'm any good at it!

Grandpa, daughter, and grandkids?  Old husband, young wife, and kids?
I think the woman looks a little like actress Margaret Hamilton of The Wizard of Oz fame!

A really poor quality photo, but perhaps someone recognizes her.

Here's a respectable looking family.  I wonder who they are!

Yep, I'm clueless about this one too!  If I can figure out who the subjects
of these pictures are, I will work on cleaning up the photos.

This orphan photo has possibly intrigued me more than any other.  A well-dressed
man with brooding good looks and a bicycle.  Am I related to this guy or is
this an early 20th century of a pin-up?

Who is this cute little girl?  I would love to see the rest of her dress.


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