Jennie Esther Ballein Davis

Jennie Esther Ballein Davis was my paternal grandmother. She died when I was a baby, so I don't remember her. Her friend, Reverend Ruby Blanchard performed her funeral and was kind enough to provide a copy of her funeral service to my family several years ago:

Esther Ballein was born July 17, 1901, the second child in a family of five, to Elma Wardlow Ballein and Noah Hite Ballein at Sardinia, Ohio and departed this life February 9, 1965 at Cincinnati, Ohio. She was always a dutiful, reliable, respectful child - the joy of her parents' heart.

She was united in marriage with James Quincy Davis on July 11, 1931. To this union were born two children.

Esther and her husband were converted in the same service at the Fairfax Church of the Nazarene. They joined the church and were faithful members until September of 1957. However, at this time she and her good husband felt led by God to begin a new work in the Milford area which in a short time led to the organizing of a church. This church was incorporated as the Milford Church of the Nazarene and she was the first person to become a charter member. Here she served in various capacities, bearing the numerous burdens of this new work as a noble Christian soldier. Her body was frail, but her faith and zeal were unlimited. Regardless of the cost, she faithfully labored in the service for the Master she loved so well . . . .

During this last illness of several months, she bore testimony to her strong faith in God many, many times, and asked friends who visited her to join in songs and prayers and praise. Those who went to cheer her came away greatly strengthened in their spiritual lives. She never said an unkind word to anyone, nor about anyone. Her speech always exalted her precious Savior. The talent she had for writing poetry and music was dedicated to God.

She is survived by her husband, James Quincy Davis, two children . . . and three grandchildren . . . . Also, by three brothers - Howard, Harold and Oscar - one sister - Mrs. Freda Huggins and a host of other relatives and friends . . . .

In her unique humble manner she urged others to live Christian lives and meet her in heaven. Thus, earth's loss is heaven's gain and she eagerly awaits the reuniting of all her loved ones and friends in that better and brighter country where partings never come.

Freda Ballein Huggins, Esther Ballein Davis, Russell Lee Davis


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