A Cemetery Scare

In honor of Halloween, in this post I will share a frightening experience I had at Troutwine Cemetery in Lynchburg, Ohio.

Several of my Dudley family members are buried at Troutwine. My great-grandparents, Jesse (1847-1925) and Mary Shaper Dudley (1861-1947) are buried there. Jesse's sister, Jane Dudley Setty (1845-1901) is buried at Troutwine. Two of Jesse's and Mary's sons, Lewis (1880-1906) and Thomas (1890-1940), are buried there was well. My uncles Everett (1918-1924) and Mitchell Donaldson (1922-1923) are also buried at Troutwine Cemetery.

The day we visited, the cemetery was sun-drenched. It was a bright day and there weren't any trees in the cemetery to obstruct the sunlight. There were some wooded areas surrounding the cemetery. The grounds were well-maintained, not overgrown and neglected. As cemeteries go, this was a pleasant place.

Or so I thought. I was exploring the cemetery and walked toward a section that bordered a slightly wooded area. I was reading the headstones when I heard it. "Ooooooooh . . . oooooooh." I gasped! My heart was pounding! A ghost! As I began to come to my senses I heard it again. "Oooooooh . . . ." I carefully turned toward the sound. And there in the wooded area bordering the cemetery I saw it . . . a cow.


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